Monday, October 28, 2013

Sneaks for Weeks and light photography

This was spirit week. Where you can go nuts and look crazy and no one will care. It's both honorable and horrifying to dress up or see your peers dress up crazy. True sides come out, truly, it's like the halloween conundrum, to slut or not to slut. Anyways... it was terrible and beautiful and although I wanted to boycott, I did it, I dressed up. And of course this was the first week I start driver's ed. Everyone in the class thinks I'm a nut who wears flower crowns and pajamas everyday. I kind of love it though. It makes me seem adventurous. Something that I am very, very not. 

Concluding spirit week and my pending nut-job status

I've been trying to wear my commes des garçons sneaks pretty often. Mainly because I love them. They're just the coolest. I believe only one person has known actually how cool they are, which makes me sad, but it also seems like it's my own secret, that I'm wearing these rad shoes and I'm wearing my heart on my heel.

(I could not help it. It was such a punny moment)
The one thing that's hard though, is finding the right pants to wear with them. I think my jodhpur-type ones look alright but I prefer it better with blacks skinnies. It makes em' pop better. 

Play by Commes Des Garçons - converse
Joie - tank top
Johnny B. - Light brown pants
Gap - Belt
My grandfathers old sweater

---And some light inspiration---
{Photos from the week}

I went to a Fitz and the Tantrums Concert over the weekend. It was rad.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Outfit; oxfords, fall and loads a' layers

This week has been the first week I've worn tights. It felt like both the official farewell to summer and the commencement of winter. Either way, i liked it. I'm so ready for layers upon layers upon layers. And coats. oooh, I can just taste them. Wool, down, and utterly warm...

Shoes - Vintage Bass
Tights - Hue
Dress - Johnny B. 
Knit - Jason Wu for Target *Score!*

And a mini recreation! My first time trying out an outfit collage and I think it turned out ok. Not great, but ok. I really like this Topshop dress, but I feel like the lace might rip easy... 

Some inspiration... Fig 1., my walk home from school. 
*Note the beautiful leaves*
And a drawing I did.

And my beautiful girly. Sister C.


p.s. #happyfall

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Varying; Wants and Pretty Things

This is my extremely jumbled, annoyingly written excuse for an aprés PSAT post. I'm really quite tired and very little inspiration was hitting me, but dangit, I've tried my best. 

These pants. Just look at them. Look at them. They're beautiful. 

Okay, so I was watching SNL a few weeks back and Arcade Fire was performing (the one with Tina Fey) and Win Butler (I think that's his name) was wearing these. Or the male version of them. And he looked so cool. Like so damn cool. So I trolled for like 5 minutes and here we are. The iconic Kenzo eye pants.  Again, another beautiful item, way, way, WAY, outside of the current limit. 

This is a bag I am dying to own right now. It's beautiful. Literally gorgeous. I've been finding it really difficult to find the right kind of bag these days. Some are just too grown up. Others too over the top. I just want something simple and well made that I can just throw my stuff into but still look good carrying. It was a revelation one morning. I need a new bag. I'm still on the hunt. Because clearly, this one is not in my slender price range. *Cough Cough* 650 bucks...

My grandmother gave me this lovely Ellsworth Kelly print for my birthday and the colors feel like they were built for my bedroom. It makes everything feel pulled together and calm. In a really pretty way.

This is a recent makeup look I did on my sister. We attempted a subtle ombré eyeliner kind of thing. It turned out maybe a bit too subtle. But I liked it.

And one of the final flower crowns I made for my sis! They turned out great and she loved them! I was so happy. I think I need to make more. Seriously. And wear them like everyday for forever.


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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How to be a feminist; for girls

At this strange point in our lives, we're struggling with practically everything. There's boobs and school and this thing that's so far away, but actually isn't, called college. And boys and everything else that's equally as stupid and equally as un-comprehendably important in our lives. (Although we can take the time to laugh about how silly it all seems from an objective point of view.)

Now, there's one question that circled my brain from the time I was about 10, and that is, What is a Feminist. Am I one? Do I see them on the street? Are they like Clark Kent but instead of a cape, actually have a vagina costume underneath their turtle necks, (oh wait, who needs a costume.) As I've matured, in the slightest, from 6 years ago I've learned quite a bit about what it actually means to be a feminist and what the said "qualifications" are. But in fact, anyone who's thinking about it or reading this or cares about what happens to there bodies and doesn't want the government in their pants, probably is one.

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.” Thank you Rebecca West, you will forever be one of my favorite people ever.

Feminism is not a romantic path but it's one you have to take. I mean seriously, who wants some old white men telling you what's up down there? It's like, guys, it's mine, not yours, and you can't have anything to do with it. It reminds me of elementary school when kids used to steal my lunch and I'd get super over-protective and protest by not speaking and hiding my crackers and apple in my sweatshirt, (those were the days.) I think this comparison is actually pretty valid, the bullys are the, let's say, anti-feminists, I'm the feminist, and my lunch is all of our rights. We've gotta do whatever we can to make sure we protect them. If that means hiding them in our sweatshirts, so be it.

Girls are taught that we have to be perfect, wear makeup, be skinny, smart but not too smart, like the color pink. It's truly an anti-girl-feminist world we live in. We're bombarded by so many things, stereotypes, inequalities, battles for our bodies, and the big one, SOCIAL MEDIA. It's rough, really rough, and not everyone can take the pressure and it's easy to fall into the peer pressure of it all. Really easy. One thing I've tried doing is keep a list in a notebook filled with all of the things that I hate that aren't equal or right or anti-girl. it's a long list.

So here's a compilation of some of the things I've learned in my feminist days and a variety of corny quotes...

Hurls from ma Girls
{Sorry for the awful rhyme, I couldn't help it}

1. Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.
(Thank you Babe Ruth and A Cinderella Story, Hillary, you're my girl)
2. Sally Ride for just being Sally Ride. (First female astronaut BTW)
"I did not come to NASA to make history." But history you made.
3. “He is a gentleman, and I am a gentleman's daughter. So far we are equal.” Nuff said. Jane Austen
4. And right now Nina Davuluri is my idol. Miss America is my idol, I said it. 

Things on the big ol' internet that won't tear you down
                                                                                                                        Rookie Magazine




And this Tumblr legit makes me want to run out of my house screaming down the street, EQUALITY, MOTHER NATURE'S A BABE FOR A REASON, MY VAJAY-JAY MY RULES. Seriously though.

So now, run, be free, wild, feministy. Go do your thing with integrity and awesomeness. Cause girls rule.

A piece in the Brooklyn Museum

p.s. this is amazing

See ya later alligators


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Friday, September 20, 2013

Flower Crowns; Lana Inspired

Yesterday I made flower crowns. It's my sister Clay's birthday on Monday and she's been internet pining over the now somewhat trade mark flower crowns Lana Del Rey wears. So I decided to make her some.

They turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. We went to Michael's a few nights ago and I perused the rows upon rows of fake flowers. Some oddly beautiful, most utterly revolting in their putrid colors and plastic petals. We sifted through them (thankfully it happened to be a 50% off sale) and found the best and most vintagey looking ones. Here's how I did it....

I made this collage thing the other day. It's just cut outs from magazines and I wrote out lyrics to 6 songs. It's another b-day pres for the sis.

Make a Cute Flower Crown
{Lana Inspired}

Final Crown #1

1.) Purchase a selection of fake flowers, Michael's or the Dollar Store will do, as well as your headbands of choice, i prefer fabric covered ones (they're less pointy). 

2.) Make sure you've got a good workspace, lots of newspaper, some sweet tunes...

3.) First attempt to pull the flower buds from the stems and if they don't budge, snip em' off. Make sure you've cut as far up as you can, but not too far, or else you'll cut off the binding bit that holds the petals and everything together.

4.) Heat up the glue gun while you arrange the headbands. Figure out where you want the buds, whether you want the same color, a pattern, how far down they go, etc. Then just go ahead and drip some glue, a little bit, on the first spot of the band (make sure it does't hit your ear or scratch you, and make sure its facing the way that you can see it from the front.)

5.) Continue to arrange your flowers in the way you like and let them dry so you don't get hot glue stuck to your hair, that'd be bad, and then wear it out to your hearts desire!!

Here's the finished version of the first one I made. I really like how it turned out, and the pink flower gives it character. I dunno if Clay will sport it to school but who knows. I will at least...

Part Two

1.) If you want to make a crown, either get your hands on some crafting wire or twist the stems of your flowers together like I did. It makes it look more green and when the crown shows through it doesn't look so bad. Also it makes them thicker and easier to glue the flowers to.

4.) Make sure you've made the crown your desired circumference, it should sit back on your head a bit, but not too much that it falls off. 

3.) When you're glueing the flowers on, make sure to face them out so that it looks good from all angles


4.) keep rotating so that you cover all sides and it looks good from the back. 

5.) and i guess you're done....

These are shots of the finished Flower Crown #2. This one ended up a little unruly, it may be a bit too big but i like it. The colors are really pretty and the textures are neat. It's gonna make a rad birthday present :)

Here's my worksite...

And some of my favorite shots from the week....
This one is of a print by Ellsworth Kelly from the 60s that my Gran gave me.

And this is on my bulletin board. The honorable mention was for choco cookies at a fair in 4th grade, the man in the corner is my uncle, the post card is from where I live in, but in the early 1900s, the kennedy pin is from my political learning phase, and the animal pin is from a animal refuge in the CA.

P.S., I'm now the vice president of the photo club at school and I'm so pumped! Seriously, I'm so excited. I love getting feedback on my photos and you can't get much of that really and having your peers tell you like, hey this is cool! or, y'know that composition is pretty boring. Some helpful stuff right there.


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Friday, September 13, 2013

Dame Vivienne; 'she was once a punk'

New wave, mod punk, politics. Mogul and activist. 
Vivienne Westwood.

Worlds End, formerly called Let it Rock, was once the pinnacle destination of punk rejects traipsing the streets of 1970s London. A safe haven, a refuge, a creative explosion of zippers and black leather. This was the home and shop of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren of the Sex Pistols. However still open, Dame Westwood's indelible and ever changing sense of urbanity and technique has drastically changed from the safety pins and razors present in the non compos attire of the Sex Pistols. Her store holds a more suave personality now, but playful, with no lack of iconic Bondage Trousers and Pirate tops, electing chosen pieces from the archives to sell. She's an icon in her own right. A feminist, a realist and a believer in the harsh truth of humanity, Dame Westwood in a nutshell.  Rough edges and shreds drip down her thoughtful garments, leading without words. Gracing the cover of Tatler magazine in April of 1989, her appearance uncanny, dressed as Prime Minister Thatcher and captioned 'she was once a punk' gained the publicity of the century. Thatcher was not pleased. Collections and fashion can make a statement, Ms. Westwood proves it can do so much more. 

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

A shoe retrospective + lazy outfits

Judging by the looming date of school starting some shopping has obviously been in order. And also judging by the state of my ever growing footsies, I've bought some pretty rad shoes in the past few weeks. 
      { Commence retrospective }
1. Bass Weejuns (penny loafers)
2. Swedish clogs
3. Commes Des Garçons Sneaks

So we ventured to the suburban mother filled, wild shopping bag toting, brainwashing town of Freeport. Land of the outlets and minivans. Don't get me wrong, I love a good outlet shop, and they've definitely got some awesome stores and not everyone is a jerk, but still.... That's enough venting....

I got a sweet, deep purpley, bluish, blueberry colored rain coat at Patagonia (courtesy of the insane labor day sale.) It was men's but the color was just so cool and the zippers are accented cobalt so it was obviously the 1. Now that I think about it, I haven't had a real raincoat that has actually fit in about 3 years. My size 10 kids (originally knee length, now officially boob length coat just wasn't cutting it anymore), so this is for sure a breath of fresh air. A beautiful, blueberry colored, not suffocating breath of fresh air. We then ventured to Bass, a store basically only known to New Englanders, I think. Since its establishment in Walton, Washington, or Wilton, (one of those Ws, make one up if you want) Maine, it's been a staple in every normal, outdoorsy, country kid's wardrobe (cause that's what we all are here), since the good ole' year of 1936. Anyways I bought a pair of rad penny loafers. Flat, leather bottom, stiff dark brown top, a consistent staple in my wardrobe since the age of 10 when I found my mother's. Vintage, circa 1980. Thank the lord we wear the same size.

Moving on from my topical acquisitions...

{ Today I wore this }

I got this cabled Ralph Lauren sweater for some holiday some years ago, and have just now begun to love it. You can literally wear it with anything and it looks fine. But my favorite way is with a collar popping out and a pattern falling from beneath the sleeves. It's classic and cute. (if I do say so myself.) 

I also have to mention a few things, one; my room is a mess so... deal with it, once again I'm in closet clean-out mode. And two; today is no makeup Saturday, take from that what you will. As cosmetic product crazy as I am, I've decided if we wear these masks everyday someday we will forget who's underneath. Sorry, that went way too soul searchy, hahah, no, but for real, think about it. 

{ without sweater }


Button Down - TopShop
Cable Sweater - Ralph Lauren
Shorts - J.Crew
Sneakers - Commes Des Garçons
Bag - Jack Wills

This is on Mount Desert Island, in Acadia. This weekend at the house we stayed at the tides were crazy. It's a heron by the way. I'm kind of in love with this photo.

I also, thought I had to add my newfound adoration of a Miss Kate Upton. I just think she's the coolest. Well, yeah, kinda cool.

{ More shots of the preceding weekend }

That's my pupster. Isn't she the cutest? Yes she is.


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